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Drainage Contractors - Consultanting and Design

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Stormwater Detention - Bioswales - Crawl Space & Foundation Drains - Sump Pumps 

Irrigation Contractors - Lawn Sprinkler System Installation, Irrigation Repair & Service - Electrical and Controller Troubleshooting

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We Make It RAIN, and We Make It DRAIN!

Professionally Designed Irrigation and Drainage Systems


  Landscape Lighting Contractors   Irrigation Contractors, Irrigation Repair   Zoeller Sump Pump Contractors   Storm Water Subsurface Detention Contractors   Drainage Systems Contractors        






Irrigation Systems - Lawn Irrigation System Installations, Rain Sensors, Wireless Controller Access, Remote Control, 24/7 Emergency Repair, Irrigation Repair Service Technicians, Broken Heads and Piping, Controller, Valves, Wiring Troubleshooting and Repairs, Spring Startup and Winterization / Blow Out Programs, Sprinkler Adjustments, Controller Programming, Plumbing and Repairs


Landscape Lighting - New Installations, Lighting Additions, Troubleshooting, Repairs, Maintenance, Service Calls. Uplighting, Downlighting, Pathway Lighting, Flood Lights, Hardscape Lighting, Deck Lighting, 12 volt Low Voltage and 120 volt Line Voltage. System Upgrades, Solar, LED, Halogen. Bulb, Fixture, Wiring, Transformer Repairs and Replacement. Timers and Photocell Control Options, Electrical Additions and Repairs, Technicians, Electricians

Drainage Systems - French Drains, Yard Drains, Level Surveying, Design, Planning, Foundation Drains, Gutter Down Spout Piping, Dry Creek Beds, Culverts, Channel Drains, Catch Basins, In-Ground Gutter Collection Systems,  Standing Water Problems, Stormwater Management, Underground Water Detention and Storage, General Plumbing

Crawl Space, Basement, Foundation - Water and Moisture Removal, Crawl Space or Basement Moisture Inspections, Foundation Drains and Water Sealing, Sump Pump and Sump Well Installation and Replacements, Interior Crawl Space Drains and Basins, Vapor Barrier Installation and Replacement, Portable and Whole House Dehumidifiers, Ventilation, Vent Fans, Crawl Space Utility Drain Repairs, Electrical Additions and Repairs, Technicians, Electricians, Plumbers

Plumbing Repairs - Sewer and Drain Pipe Repair / Replacement, Water Supply Line Repair, Drainage System Repairs, Underground Plumbing Services, Cleanout Replacement and Installation, Excavator and Backhoe Service, Water Removal / Pumping, Plumbing

Erosion and Sediment Control - Erosion Blankets, Drainage, Silt Fencing, Stone

Earth Work - Grading, Excavating, Sitework, Drainage Swales, Berms, Stormwater Detention Areas 

Hardscapes - Retaining Walls, Interlocking Pavers and Concrete for: Patios, Walkways, Driveways, Entryways, Slabs, Pads. Decks, Pergolas, Arbors, Trellises.

Design and Planning - Landscape Design, Leveling, Surveying, Land Planning, Project Management

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       Irrigation Repair Contractors     
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Step outside into a land of wonder and excitement by turning to Brooks Landscapes for your new landscaping and outdoor living spaces. Brooks Landscapes is your source for quality hardscapes, landscaping installations, irrigation systems, landscape lighting, and lawn drainage systems that make your yard outshine all others. Patios, walkways, fire pits retaining walls, landscape lighting, irrigation systems, sod, shrubs, and trees are all specialties for our landscape contractors and designer. At Brooks Landscapes we are all about detail. We put quality above quantity. We'll spend that extra time with you to make every detail just right. Let us give you a free consultation and see how we can transform your yard into your paradise. Contact us today for higher standards at great prices.




Brooks Landscapes has put together a team of landscape contractors combined with our professional design to incorporate quality into every aspect of what we do. We strive to make every job personal and a reflection of our company, so you the consumer, can rest assured that no matter the size of the project or the technical skill and vision involved, we will be on top of your project from planning to completion.


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Lawn and Landscape Drainage Systems

Underground Piping and Grading Service

Brooks Landscapes is  also drainage contractors. Poor lawn drainage can lead to many problems. We design and install many types of drainage systems to deal with the standing water problems or slow draining areas throughout your lawn and landscape. We can design drainage and grading plans for the entire property. Through surveying and soil sampling, we can determine the areas contributing to the problem and the best course of action to repair the problem. In most cases the first step of finding a solution is to identify all the different ways water can collect in the area, and address each of these factors as a single problem. As each factor is addressed you will start to see the size of the system needed to deal with your individual problem. Brooks Landscapes can walk you through this process and identify all the single factors that are leading up to the problem at hand and help you find the system that will get your lawn back to the way it was before all the frustrations of your poor drainange became a issue. 

We install french drains, foundation drains, dry creek beds, drainage ditches, culvert pipes, pipe work for gutter systems and crawl space sump pumps, many sizes of drain basins and channel drains and much more. If your worried about what your lawn may look like when we finish, rest at ease, because we are landscape contractors too, so putting in new sod or any other turf materials to make it look like we were never there is just what we do. We also offer underground plumbing, sewer and drain pipe repair and replacement, main water supply pipe repair, corrugated pipe replacement, irrigation pipe plumbing replacement, excavator and backhoe services.


       French Dranage Contractors, Greenville SC         Drainage Contractors, Sewer and Drain Pipe Plumbing Repairs, Backhoe Services


     Drainage Contractors, Backhoe Service, Storm Water Management         French Drains for Lawn Water Control





Drainage Design and Consulting Sevices

Brooks Landscapes provides professional drainage systems and designs. We provide consultancy services for lawn and landscape drainage, stormwater management, drainage detentionand retention systems, sustainable drainage design (SuDS), greywater storage for irrigation systems, subsurface detention systems, and more. Designing a proper drainage infrastructure starts with identification of the source or the problem. With basic surveying and engineering we can determine the source, and design professional solutions for your water problems.


Drainage Consultant and Designer






Subsurface Stormwater Detention Systems

Stormwater Drainage Contractors

Underground Stormwater Detention Management Systems

Subsurface Water Detention Systems, Drainage Contractors           Storm Water Drainage Contractors




Grade Work and Excavating


Landscape Contractors, Grading, Surveying


Crawl Space, Basement, and Foundation Repair

Moisture and Water Control, Sump Pumps, Dehumidifiers, Plumbing and Electrical Services

Water problems under the home in a crawl space or basement can lead to other problems like moisture problems, mold, water damage, structure and foundation cracks and damage or other serious problems. Water issues under a structure can cause inspection problems when buying or selling a home. Let our professional drainage contractors, plumbing and electrical technicians, design a system to treat all your home water troubles. We provide services in electrical additions and repairs and plumbing repairs for crawl space and basements. Sump pumps and submersible utility pumps can be installed for water removal. Dehumidifiers, ventilation, and vent fans provide air circulation and dehumidification to keep moisture and condensation levels low. Vapor barriers and encapsulation keeps ground water out of your home to protect not only the crawl space, but protects inside the home and the air quaility of your home as well. 

      Wet Crawl Space, Interior Drains and Sump Pumps            Crawl Space Humidity, Dehumidifiers and Dehumidification        



Foundation and Basement Waterproofing & Drainage           Crawl Space and Basement Dehumidifiers

Wet Crawl Space or Basement ?

French Drains

Yard Drains

Foundation Drains


Gutter Downspout Piping

Stormwater Runoff Collection and Piping

Underground Stormwater Detention Systems

Dry Wells

Dry Creek Beds

Sump Pumps

Sump Wells

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Sump Pump Testing and Service

Portable Dehumidifiers

Crawl Space / Basement Dehumidifiers

Whole House Dehumidifiers

Interior Crawlspace Drains

Water and Moisture Removal

Foundation Waterproofing

Water Pumping

Crawl Space Matting

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Basement Sealing

Erosion Control

Sewer and Drain Pipe Repair and Replacement

Backhoe Services

Electrical Work and Repairs

Plumbing and Repairs

Service Technicians

Design and Planning

Level Surveying


Zoeller Sump Pump Contractors


       Crawl Space Sump Pump Installation            Crawl Space Sump Pump Installation, Inspections, Repair Service









Erosion and Sediment Control

We install erosion control blankets, sediment control, silt fencing, straw bales, mulch, aggregates, dry creek beds, culverts, drainage piping, and other options to prevent erosion and protect waterways from sediment runoff. Natural landscaping is a great way to retain soil from erosion. We install many plants and ground covering materials for excellent erosion control. Our dry creek bed designs are a good way to channel storm water and filter water before it enters streams or drainage pipes. Natural stone isn't just great for drainage and erosion, it can add lasting beauty to any landscape. A good drainage system is truly the best way to control erosion. If water travels through pipes underground, then it can't erode the soil.

Culvert with Riprap Erosion Control     





Landscape Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Installation, Repair, and Service                              

We Bring Light to the Night

Brooks Landscapes installs and repairs high quality outdoor lighting. Professional technicians can troubleshoot and repair any problems with transformers, field wiring, junction boxes, fixtures, bulbs, breakers and fuses, and more. We offer services for seasonal tune ups and maintenance. We offer electrical assessments for existing systems to check the condition of wiring and electrical components before they leave you in the dark.  Call for estimates on new installation, maintenance,  assessments, or technical repairs.

Landscape lighting is a great way to make your landscape stand out from the crowd. Outdoor landscape lighting brings life to your property. Lighting shows allows for tranquil sitting areas or entertaining areas after the sun goes down. Talk with one of our landscape designers for great ideas on landscape lighting.


Landscape and Outdoor Lighting            Landscape Lighting, Pathway Lighting, Outdoor Lighting Contractors








Bulb Replacements

Transformer Problems


General Maintenance

Electrical Technicians

Electrical Additions and Repairs

12 Volt and 120 Volt System





Irrigation / Sprinkler Systems Installation, Repair, and Service    

Professional Plumbing and Electrical Technicians         

    Irrigation Repair          Irrigation Repair    




Let our irrigation contractors design and build an irrigation system for your lawn and landscape. We also service, upgrade or repair systems. Many homes come with an irrigation system, but they barely work, if at all. As systems age they start to develope leaks, wiring troubles and shorts, bad connections, broken heads and more.Let our professionals give a free consultation and free estimate to bring that old system back to life. Maybe the system doesn't match the changes you made to the landscape and the system needs upgraded to better meet the needs of the new lawn and landscape areas. Irrigation systems are best left to a true professional and Brooks Landscapes is always on call for irrigation repairs. Give us a call and talk to a pro. irrigation and landscape contractor about how we can upgrade your old, dated system to function like new.




           Irrigation Repair              Lawn Irrigation Contractors

New Irrigation / Sprinkler Systems

Residential and Commercial Systems

All Commercial Grade Rain Bird Parts

Indoor or Outdoor Controller / Timer Location

Spray Zones

Drip Irrigation Zones

Additions to Existing Zones

New Zone Additions

Rain / Freeze Sensors

Smart Controllers

Commercial Central Control

Remote Control Access

   Irrigation System Contractors, Weather Sensors          Landscaping and Irrigation Contractors    

Irrigation / Sprinkler Repair & Service

Professional Irrigation Technician

Residential and Commercial Repairs

Existing System Assessments and Inspections


Broken Pipes

Broken Sprinkler Heads

Clogged Heads and Nossles

Bad or Stuck Valves

Timer / Controller Problems

Wiring Problems

Rain / Freeze Sensor Replacement

Removal of Unwanted Heads

Drip Zone Repairs

Pressure Loss

Adjustments to Heads

Precipitation Equalization

Pump Station Repair

Backflow Preventer Replacement



Irrigation Contractors, Landscape Contractors


Spring Startup

Turn on your system

Check for leaks or winter damage

Program your controller

Make any repairs or adjustments needed



Turn off system

Drain the systems

Blow out the system

Insulate any exposed pipes, back flow, valves etc.











Remarkable Retaining Walls and Steps        retaining wall contractors

Add value to your property and enhance the look of your outdoor living spaces with retaining walls.These accents are great for yards that slope,or to simply give your home that terrific terrace look. The use of retaining walls in your landscapes, hardscapes, or outdoor living areas will add height and dimension to any landscape. By adding retaining walls to your landscapes you have the option to create new planting areas to increase the beauty of the landscape. When any type of hardscape product or stone is added it gives great contrast to the surrounding planting beds and sod. Retaining walls give a feel of luxury and elegance to the space and are a great investment for your money. When you add retaining walls or any other hardscape to your landscaping you can get a large return from your investment when you decide to sell.  Steps can also be Incorporated into the design to allow access to areas other wise unused. We take a comprehensive approch through engineering design and surveying to ensure the structural integrety of any wall we build.




Walkways and Patios

Walkways are a great way to add interest to a boring landscape. Walkways can be a straight path to get to your destination, without walking through the lawn or landscape, or they can curve and wind to add beauty and architechure to a space in need of some extra detail. We design and build custom walkways from many types of interlocking pavers, concrete, or natural stone. To add even more intrest to a walkway and to increase safty, decorative landscape lighting is the answer.


Like walkways, patios area great way to add intrest to a landscape and increases the value of the property. By constructing a outdoor living area like a patio, you are literally adding footage to your living space. Patios can be simple or complex in design. A patio can be built to add beauty and function to almost any space. There are several materials to choose from. Concrete, interlocking pavers, and natural stone are a few options. Patios can be single level and may even be a raised patio, or they can be built with multiple or split levels. Imagine stepping out of yo



Outstanding Sod Work

We offer the highest quality services for your sod, including soil evaluations and fertilization plans so your grass always looks fantastic and collects compliments from neighbors. Installing sod gives your lawn instant beauty. There's no waiting around to see if the seeds will grow, or if it will come in patches leaving your yard a disaster. Leave it to our landscape contractors to give your yard a high quality, professional results that you can show off and enjoy as soon as we leave your yard. Remember that every great lawn needs proper irrigation and drainage to grow thick and green with deep roots. Check out our pages on irrigation and drainage






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